September 13, 2014

Faith Reels ... a new blog looking at faith in films

What? Another movie blog?

‘Faith Reels’ is a commentary on movies. As you might expect, we are looking at stories on film that have subtle or blatant implications on the faith journey. We are interested in that age old question, “Do films influence society or does society influence films?” Perhaps movies even speak to the “spiritual but not religious” among us.  

Most movie critics focus on cinematic and culturally popular themes. We take a lens of faith to the movies and through it we are often able to see spirituality, ethics and morals looking back at us from the big screen. That’s what we will write about.

We might even suggest you see a film that critics panned. If we do that, it is because we think they missed something important. We will provide commentaries on new releases, movies on DVD and made-for-TV movies.
Being Episcopalians, the two of us might even disagree with each other.

We hope our readers will be enlightened and challenged. We hope you will enjoy our take and offer your own comments. We look forward to conversation, and, of course, to seeing the films, flicks, movies.                                                   

  -- Bonnie Anderson and Dan Webster

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